The Right Way To Save On The Heating Invoice AND Keep Warm – Build A Kotatsu Table!

The Right Way To Save On The Heating Invoice AND Keep Warm – Build A Kotatsu Table!

Brr… Winter is here. The overnight temperature plunged into the 30s a few instances final week. This seems a bit early to me. Usually, it doesn’t get this cold in Portland till December. The weather is strange this year. It’s been rather a lot drier than usual. The crisp sunny days are incredible, however this additionally means it’s colder. I’m not precisely certain the way it works, but it isn’t as cold when we've got some cloud cowl or rain. It’s really really great to have all these sunny days in October and November. I don’t think we’ve had a dry autumn like this in a protracted time. Anyway, it’s cold now and it’s time to convert our coffee table into a kotatsu table. Sure, I do this to save some cash on the heating invoice, however it is really cozy too.

Ahhh…. I really like our kotatsu table. It’s so warm and toasty. We've been using our kotatsu table for over 15 years and it is nonetheless superior! There is nothing better than warming up on the flick of a change when you are available in from the cold. Our kotatsu table is my favorite winter equipment, by far. It’s straightforward to DIY and it will pay for itself within the lengthy run. I highly recommend investing a little bit time and building one for yourself.

*Disclaimer: You shouldn't depart any heating machine unattended. We haven’t had any downside, but everybody needs to be secure and pay close attention to your heaters. We take no responsibility for and will not be liable for anything you build. We may receive a referral price if you buy something from Amazon although the links in this post.

*This publish was originally written in 2010. I replace it each few years with the latest info. It’s a lot simpler to buy a kotatsu table now that Amazon has grown so much.

Staying warm AND save money
It’s about this time of yr that each one the personal finance magazines and blogs come out with articles on how to economize on heating. The standard advice to is to show the thermostat way down and bundle up. This is good for the wallet, nevertheless it doesn’t work for us because Mrs. RB40, my spouse, hates being cold. Fortunately, I have a secret weapon. Our kotatsu table is the important thing to staying toasty and keeping our heating bill low.

We live in a condominium and we don’t have gas. The heating and cooling system runs on electrical energy which is more expensive than gas. Our monthly electrical bill averages round $60 in the warmer months and around $one hundred in the winter. We typically keep the temperature around 68 degrees with 2 space heaters and rely on our kotatsu table to warm up. Here is our final 2 years of energy usage.

The reason we had been utilizing the house heaters was because our HVAC stopped working in 2012. I just acquired a new system put in this spring because we plan to promote this condo soon. Apparently, the heat pump is more energy efficient than heater coil so our winter energy bill should be less this year. We’ll see if the bill is really decrease as advertised.

What's a Kotatsu Table?
What is a kotatsu table precisely? A kotatsu table is basically a covered coffee table with a heating element. It’s hard to explain the comfort stage for those who haven’t experienced it. Napping below the kotatsu table is heavenly. Belief me, it’s really nice.

I’m undecided where I first realized concerning the kotatsu table. I will need to have seen it in a Japanese manga or anime when I was a kid. The kotatsu table is quite common there and every household has one. Most Japanese housing is just not insulated well and the kotatsu table is an economical way to keep warm. Why heat the entire house? It’s less expensive to heat your personal personal space.

You could purchase a kotatsu table on eBay or Amazon for $150-400, but that has some drawbacks. They used to have a high shipping value because most kotatsu tables are shipped in from Japan. A few years ago, you would only find them on eBay. Now, you will get it on Amazon with free shipping! That’s awesome. It’s a lot more affordable now. Nonetheless, there's still one other problem.

One situation is that the kotatsu tables are usually fairly small. The standard tablehigh dimension is 31×31 inches (80 cm) and most are solely 14 inches high. This is too short should you’re tall. We purchased our first kotatsu table at a japanese kotatsu store in CA for about $130. After just a few years, I made a decision to build a much bigger and taller table because we needed more space. Our DIY kotatsu table is rather a lot more comfortable now with the additional legroom. It is about 18" high. The four extra inches made a huge difference.
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